Theme - Africa Symposium
The symposium will focus on “Reimagining education for a better impact on learning outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa”. This crucial and foundational theme may be approached from multiple entry points, such as curriculum,
assessment, pedagogy, teachers, inclusion, equity, policymaking, and practice. Papers for presentation will be based on the sub-themes below:

  • Proven innovations in improving learning and teaching in Sub-Saharan African contexts;

  • Quality teacher education and professional development programs and support mechanisms, as measured by learning outcomes; 
  • The quality of national curriculum and assessment (formative, diagnostic, and summative), as measured by student learning; 
  • Addressing diversity, inclusion, and equity through proven strategies that raise outcomes for marginalized learners such as girls, students with disabilities, and socially or economically disadvantaged students; 
  • The link between languages of instruction (mother tongues, minoritized languages, French, English, Portuguese, etc.) and learning outcomes; 
  • Remedial or alternative strategies that raise student learning outcomes after disruptions from emergencies, climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, conflict, and other health and social crises; 
  • Research to inform leadership, governance, and policy on students’ learning outcomes.

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