About - 2nd KIX Continental Symposium on Educational Research in Africa


The symposium is being organized by the consortium partners managing the Global Partnership for Education’s (GPE’s) Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX) Africa 19 and 21 Hubs. The consortium partners are:

KIX Africa 19

KIX Africa 21

KIX Africa 19 Hub: UNESCO International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa (UNESCO IICBA); UNICEF Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office (UNICEF ESARO); and the Pan African Institute for Education for Development (IPED) of the African Union (AU) KIX Africa 21 Hub: Institut de la Francophonie pour l’éducation et la formation (IFEF); Conférence des ministres de l’Éducation des États et gouvernements de la Francophonie (CONFEMEN); and Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF)

Role of the KIX Africa 19 and KIX Africa 21 Hubs:

The Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX) Africa 19 Hub has been established through the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and with funding from the International Development and Research Centre (IDRC) whose purpose is to collect, generate, exchange and facilitate the effective use of data, knowledge and innovation for education policy formulation and implementation among 18 Anglophone African countries in six thematic areas:

These include: (i) strengthening learning assessment systems, (ii) improving teaching and learning, (iii) strengthening early childhood care and education, (iv) achieving gender equality in and through education, (v) leaving no one behind, and (vi) meeting the data challenge in education.

Hubs thematic areas

The KIX Africa 19 Hub facilitates cross-country knowledge exchange and mobilization, learning, synthesis, and collaboration among national education stakeholders in 18 Global Partnership for Education partner countries in
Eastern, Southern, and Western Africa.

Likewise, the KIX Africa 21 Hub facilitates cross-country knowledge exchange and mobilization, learning, synthesis, and collaboration among national education stakeholders in GPE partner countries primarily located in West and Central Africa and the Indian Ocean.

Both hubs function as regional forums within the KIX project to bring together countries with similar educational, socioeconomic, and linguistic characteristics.