Poster presentations

Location: CRRAE Room

Africa 19:

  1. "Predicting the feasibility of data collection for disability-related research in sub-Saharan Africa" (Olufemi Timothy Adigun)
  2. "Enhancing Educational Outcomes in Africa: Strategies for Achieving Systemic Adoption and Uptake of Education Management Information Systems" (Samson Mbugua)
  3. "Improving the effectiveness of accelerated life skills development in emergency contexts: experimental evidence from IDP camps in northern Nigeria" (Charles Falajiki)
  4. "Development-Responsive Preschool Education: A Gap Between Precepts and Practices in Eritrea" (Zecarias Woldu)
  5. "Leveraging a centralized data platform to enhance teachers’ training and support for early grade reading" (Opeyemi Ogunleye)
  6. "The experience of collecting data from marginalised adolescent girls for the Girls Education: River of Life visual method" (Asma Zubairi)
  7. "Findings from the Assessment of Life Skills and Values in East Africa" (Mauro Giacomazzi)
  8. "Student perceptions of mathematics teachers' implementation of problem-based learning practices in Tanzania" (Sikutegemea Kikomelo)
  9. "Enhancing teachers to improve student performance in A-level biology through an outdoor teaching method" (Leoncia Kibani)
  10. "Building evidence on the impact of CPD for school leaders at the teacher and learner level" (Jocelyne Cyiza Kirezi)

Africa 21:

  1. Correspondence factor analysis: a relevant tool for analyzing the relationship to scientific knowledge in sub-Saharan African education systems. Equity in learning assessments in primary and post-primary school in Burkina Faso
  2. Understand or demonstrate the value of a wide range of qualitative or quantitative data to inform policy
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