Breakaway Session 3.2: Improving inclusive education policies


Moderation: Africa 21

Reporting: Anthony Ndungu

  • Paper 1: "Inadequacies of inclusive education orientation policies in Cameroon: the need to involve decentralized territorial collectivities in the collection and production of data on categories of students with special educational needs" (Mr. GARABE SALOMON) 15 mins
  • Paper 2: "Rapid Assessment of Educational Outcomes of Hearing-Impaired Learners at All Levels of Education in Uganda: Policy and Practice Implications" (Ojok Patrick) 15 mins
  • Paper 3: "Inclusive education policies in Burkina Faso through the prism of basic statistical data: analysis of a methodological bias with representational sources" (Pierre Niya Sylvestre) 15 mins

Q&A and discussion: 45 min