Round table 2: Data production and knowledge sharing for an effective transformation of education systems



This second panel will focus on GPE and the KIX flagship initiative. The objective of this panel is to provide information on the different GPE-funded projects in the education sector. It is important that national delegations, TFPs, academics working in education and civil society are aware of the close links between these different initiatives and how they respond to the same objective of transforming education systems. The central elements that will be highlighted in these discussions are the availability of knowledge and innovations (pedagogical, learning, governance, management, etc.) as an integral part of the evidence base. The aim is to see from a regional and continental perspective how knowledge generation and the mobilisation and sharing of innovations can contribute to the advancement of education policies towards the achievement of OOD4.

Expected results:

  • Participants and all education stakeholders (TFP, SC, universities, school administrations, etc.) have a better understanding of GPEKIX initiatives and the links between them;
  • Participants increased their knowledge of the need to generate knowledge and evidence to address specific issues in education;
  • Recommendations.


  • Tricia Wind, IDRC


  • Mamadou KABA TRAORE

5 plenary presentations (75 minutes):

  1. KIX Global Grant Recipient in Africa 19 and 21 countries: EN "Exploring the practices and behaviours of positive deviant schools in English-speaking Africa: Data Must Talk research findings" (Renaud Comba - UNICEF INNOCENTI, and ministerial officials from Ghana and Zambia) 15 mins
  2. KIX Global Grant Recipient in Africa 19 and 21 countries: FR "Discovering the practices and behaviors of positive model schools in Francophone Africa: Data Must Speak research results." (Renaud Comba - UNICEF INNOCENTI and officials of the Ministry of Côte d'Ivoire, Madagascar, Mali and/or Togo) 15 mins
  3. KIX Global Grant Recipient in Africa 19 and 21: "Research on Scaling in Education: How is Scaling Studied, What Does the Field Know, and How Will Highlight Local Researchers and Methodologies Improve the Research?" (Brookings Institution, KIX Research on Scaling Impact in Education - ROSIE) 15 mins
  4. Africa 21 grantee: KARANTA, 15 mins
  5. Africa 19 grantee: "Removing barriers to education evidence adoption in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania: A systems diagnostic approach" (Samuel Otieno) 15 mins

Q&A (10 min)

Closing remarks by Evans Atis, GPE (5 mins)