Poster presentations

Location: HALL CRRAE

Africa 19:

  1. "Excluded from school and excluded in data - Why data matters in achieving the right to education of pregnant girls and adolescent mothers" (Erica Murphy)
  2. "Leveraging Evidence-Based Policymaking to Enhance Teacher Management Systems for Resilient, Inclusive, and Improved Education Performance in Rwanda" (Ephrem Tuyisenge)
  3. "Exploring the distributed instructional leadership dynamics within a science department in Lesotho secondary schools" (Lucia Lisene)
  4. "Evidence-informed scaling of Gender-Responsive Play-Based Early Childhood Education in Rwanda and Mozambique" (Eric Niyongira and Moises Mabunda)
  5. "Are Institutional Practices in Teacher Training Institutions in Nigeria Empowering Teachers for Quality Education Delivery at the Basic Education Level?" (Claris Ujam)
  6. "Roots of Professional Disengagement by Primary School Teachers in Lesotho" (Makhube Ralenkoane)
  7. "Factors Affecting Teacher Job Satisfaction in Public Secondary Schools in Eswatini" (Phumzile Magagula)
  8. "Teachers’ professionalism: An assessment of the status and prospects of pre-primary school teachers in Ethiopia" (Petros Melaku Yoseph)
  9. "Training Education System Staff to Mitigate Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on Teachers' and Students' Mental Health: Lessons Learned from Ugandan Schools and Implications for Evidence-Based Policymaking" (Elizabeth Kasirye)
  10. "A Comprehensive Process Evaluation of the Can't Wait to Learn Programme: Assessing Implementation, Participants Experience & Perceived Impact, and Recommendations for Scaling Up" (Jamal Anan)

Africa 21: 

  1. Education Management Information System for the Improvement of Learning: The Voice of Communes in Cameroon
  2. Study of the classic formula for calculating the success rate in schools
  3. Evaluating education systems in order to improve them: the example of a contextually and culturally adapted tool to African contexts
  4. Is the primary-middle school transition policy in Côte d'Ivoire effective?
  5. Educ master and school data management in Benin: Local education managers' perspective on the performance of the education system
  6. Evaluation tools as predictors of pupils' learning Achievement: An appraisal of the H5P tools used in the MINEDUB Distance Learning Platform
  7. Correspondence factor analysis: a relevant tool for analyzing the relationship to scientific knowledge in sub-Saharan African education systems.
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