Panel 3: “Professional standards and competencies for teachers and school leaders in West Africa: what do the data say?”

Location: Amphitheatre


World Teachers’ Day is celebrated every year on October 5. There is a need to recognize the role played by teachers and school leaders in enabling children to acquire the knowledge, skills, and values they will need in adulthood and thereby ensuring sustainable patterns of development for communities and societies. This roundtable at the KIX symposium aims to celebrate the World Teachers’ Day by (i) sharing recent research, including on how to promote professional standards and competencies for teachers and school leaders, improving teacher education pre-service and in-service, and improving the working conditions for teachers; and (ii) showcasing innovative experiences at the country and regional levels on supporting teachers and school leaders.

Expected results:

  • Participants and education stakeholders have a better understanding of (i) the crucial role of teachers in improving learning outcomes for students and imparting knowledge, skills, and values for sustainable development, (ii) challenges facing the professionalization of teachers and school leaders, and (iii) innovations and initiatives aiming to tackle those challenges.
  • Participants increase their knowledge of the need to generate knowledge and evidence to address specific issues in education;
  • Participants are provided with recommendations based on research within the framework of African Union instruments.


  • Quentin Wodon, UNESCO IICBA


  • Africa 21 (TBD)


  • Brief video on the winners of the African Union Continental Teacher Award
  • Presentations by:
    • Quentin Wodon, UNESCO IICBA
    • Jocelyne Cyiza Kirezi, VVOB
    • A panelist from AUF
    • A panelist from CONFEMEN Q&A (10 min)
  • Closing remarks by the moderator (5 min)