Breakaway Session 3.1: Gender-responsive and inclusive approaches


Moderation: Africa 21

Reporting: Lorato Modongo

  • Paper 1: "FAWE's gender-sensitive schools model facing the challenge of gender equality and girls' success" (Pr Rokhaya Cissé) 15 mins
  • Paper 2: "Integration of marginalized learners in the production and use of data; ensure data integrity, quality and availability, assess the impacts of interventions" (Martha Muhwezi) 15 mins
  • Paper 3: "Teachers facing anxiety in statistics in ENIEG according to gender in Cameroon (Armel Valdin TEAGUE TSOPGNY) 15 mins
  • Paper 4: AU CIEFFA (Simone Yankey Ouattara) 15 mins

Q&A and discussion: 30 min