General info - Africa Symposium




The invited in-person presenters and participants will be ministry of education focal points, local educational researchers, local education group policy actors, and GPE KIX researchers from the regions of the KIX Africa 19 and 21 Hubs. 

An unlimited number of guests from the countries of the two hubs will be welcomed to join virtually.

In line with KIX’s goal of mainstreaming gender equity and parity in education, women researchers and leaders will be particularly encouraged to participate.


Date, venue, and languages:


The symposium will take place from October 4th through 6th, 2022, in person at the African Union Conference Center and Office Complex in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Simultaneous live streaming will take place on Zoom to allow more participants to join.

Speakers of both English and French will be presenting throughout the event; therefore, simultaneous translation from English to French and from French to English will be provided to participants.