Breakaway Session 2.3: Using student assessment data


Moderation: Saliou Sall

Reporting: Africa 21

  • Paper 1: "Optimizing Data Use in Government Systems: A Case Study on Teaching at the Right Level as part of the Innovation and Learning Pathways of Data Entry Portals in Zambia and Côte d'Ivoire" (Anjali Shandilya) 15 mins
  • Paper 2: "Numbers in education in Africa duringCOVID-19: from contradiction to an open data collection system" (BÉCHÉ Emmanuel) 15 mins
  • Paper 3: "Using Data from Authentic Assessments to Determine Learners' Outcomes in Kenya's Competency-Based Curriculum" (Anne Wanjiru Ngatia) 15 mins

Q&A and discussion (45 min)