Breakaway Session 1.4: Africa 19 Panel: "Fostering change through strong evidence: Perspectives from collaborative and gender-focused research in applied education in sub-Saharan Africa" (UNESCO IIEP)


Moderation: Koffi Segniagbeto, Director, UNESCO IIEP

Reporting: Ms. Lorato Modongo

  • Paper 1: “Achieving Gender Equality in and through Education: The Gender at the Centre Initiative Transitions from Pilot to Targeted Strategic Approach” (Fabricia Devignes) 15 mins
  • Paper 2: “Women in Learning Leadership (WiLL). Unpacking Women's School Management and Leadership Practices to Enhance Learning” (Nathalie Guilbert) 15 mins
  • Paper 3: “Addressing school failure through data systems, policy analysis, and early prevention tools. An encouraging pathway toward improving girls' education in sub-Saharan Africa” (Tuamanaia Foimapafisi) 15 mins

Q&A and discussion: 45 min