Opening: The role of research in informing leadership, governance, and policy on students’ learning  outcomes

Nelson Mandela Hall

Co-Masters of Ceremony: Adoumtar Noubatar, AUC IPED and Denise Ravachol

  • Adoumtar Noubatar, The role of functional data systems on education governance
  • GPE: The role of the GPE Compact Process and how it builds into national-level priorities
  • James Jowi, Eastern African Community, Principal Education Officer (virtually)
  • Education research - Adrien Makaya
  • KIX Africa 21 Hub: IFADEM (virtually)


Moderator: Professeur Boubacar Niane
Rapporteur: Kasumi Moritani


  • Leveraging existing national education data to unpack factors associated with school performance in Africa (Renaud Comba) (10 mins) (English)
  • Présentation du programme Apprendre (Jean Pierre Chevalier) (10 mins) (French)
  • AEP Evidence Synthesis, Africa 19 (Dr. Kilemi Mwiria) (10 mins) (English)
  • From research to action : listening to children’s knowledge to intervene in adult education in São Tomé and Príncipe (Marlene Barra) (10 mins) (Portuguese)

Q-and-A and discussion.

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