Breakaway Session 4.3: Improving learning outcomes for learners with special needs

Conference Room 3: Conference hall 4

Moderator: Momar Dieng
Rapporteur: Zamzam Dayib

  • Paper 1: Education Service delivery for children with disabilities in Nigerian Primary Schools; Evaluating the implementation of national Policy on special needs education (Dr. Oluwaseun Lawal) (15 mins) (English)
  • Paper 2: Institutionalization of French signed for "disabled" students living with a hearing impairment in ordinary environment in Burkina Faso (Yannick Tamo Fogue) (15 mins) (French)
  • Paper 3: Application of customised assistive technology in enhancing digital inclusivity for learners with special needs; A case of emerging economies in Uganda (Dr. Fredrick Kanobe) (15 mins) (English)
  • Paper 4: In pursuit of Education for all; What do the data tell us about children with disabilities? (Sakshi Mishra) (15 mins) (Virtual) (English)

Q-and-A and discussion (30 mins)

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