Breakaway Session 4.2: Languages of instruction and learning outcomes

Conference Room 2: Conference hall 3

Moderator: Hamidou Boukary
Rapporteur: Denise Orange Ravachol

  • Paper 1: The link between languages of instruction and learning outcomes (Wondu Gudeta) (15 mins) (English) 
  • Paper 2: Understanding why multilingual education is not progressing in sub-Saharan Africa: structural and socio-anthropological explanations, search for alternatives (Bruno Maurer- virtually) (15 mins) (French)
  • Paper 3: From Mother Tongue to Other Tongues: Strengthening Bilingual and Multilingual Education in Francophone Africa (Josephat Musembi) (15 mins) (English)
  • Paper 4: "I learn if I understand": for a better consideration of children's first languages in primary school. Feature-length documentary project and audiovisual kit for teachers of bi-multilingual classes in Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal and the Democratic Republic of Congo (Christelle Mignot) (15 mins) (French)

Q-and-A and discussion (30 mins)

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