Breakaway Session 4.1: Addressing gender gaps in learning outcomes

Conference Room 1: Nelson Mandela Hall

Moderator: Tiye Feyisa
Rapporteur: Adrien Makaya

  • Paper 1: Improving learning outcomes for ultra-marginalised girls in rural and remote areas of Somalia (Abdifarhan Farah Gure) (15 mins) (English)
  • Paper 2: Addressing gender and inclusion gaps in access to education in Somalia; (Mohammed Abbi Hassan) (15 mins) (English))
  • Paper 3: Quality of the scaffolding process and level of adaptation of the visually impaired in school: case of the bilingual high school of ekounou (Mvondo Mbarga F. Baudelaire) (15 mins) (French)
  • Paper 4: Supporting coding among Rwandan adolescents and teachers through the curriculum and clubs heading (SCRATC2H) for Rwanda 2050 (Jocelyne Kirezi) (15 mins) (English)

Q-and-A and discussion (30 mins)

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