Breakaway Session 3.1: Teaching practice and policy

Conference Room 1: Conference hall 3

Moderator: Lorato Palesa Modongo
Rapporteur: Adrien Makaya

  • Paper 1: Co-creating and Co-implementing Education Research: Lessons Learned from the Data Must Speak Positive Deviance Research in Sub-Saharan Africa (Annika Rigole) (15 mins) (English)
  • Paper 2: Pedagogical alignment: a lever for revitalizing teaching and learning for academic success in Madagascar (Bastoine Chadhouli - virtually) (15 mins) (French))
  • Paper 3: Multiple-Choice Versus Short Answer Items in Assessing Students’ Mathematical Skills: An Evidence from Secondary Schools in Tanzania (Sikutegemea Kikomelo) (15 mins) (English)
  • Paper 4: Perception of the learning climate by learners in the Congolese education system (Semerita Kavira Kamundu) (15 mins) (French)

Q-and-A and discussion (30 mins)

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