Breakaway Session 1.2: Innovations in national policy

Conference Room 2: Conference hall 3

Moderator: Binyam Sisay
Rapporteur: Guy Roger Kaba

  • Paper 1: Assessment of the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the School Fee Subsidy as a critical component of the Free Quality School Education in Sierra Leone (Emmanuel Deoud) (15 mins) (English)
  • Paper 2: Institutionalization of signed French for the “disability” of students living with a hearing impairment in mainstream settings in Burkina Faso (Gninneyo Sylvestre Pierre Niya) (15 mins) (French)
  • Paper 3: Open educational resources (OER) on enhancing inclusivity in learning institutions in Sub Saharan Africa: a review of trends, challenges and opportunities (Dr. Anthony Ndungu) (15 mins) (English)
  • Paper 4: Flipped pedagogy in language teaching in overcrowded classes in primary school (Abou Fofana) (15 mins) (French)

Q-and-A and discussion: 30 mins

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